November 26, 2013


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The season where the calendar is overflowing with events, conferences, seminars, parties and all kinds of get togethers that naturally involve you meeting people.

Lots of people. And often, all at once.

If even thinking about being with lots of people makes you want to stay home and take a nap, you’re not alone.

That’s because as much as one third to a half of the population considers themselves introverts.

If you’ve ever questioned the best way to balance your need for quiet with the never-ending opportunities to “put yourself out there” — today’s MarieTV episode is for you.

You’ll learn five super helpful strategies to “putting yourself out there” in a way that works perfectly with your quiet nature.

You’ll also learn how I surprised today’s guest, Susan Cain, author of the best-seller Quiet, with a little known fact about yours truly.

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