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You know how it is – you wake up one morning and start asking why is this not easier? Why am I not happier than I am?

Why is there no time to get things done?

You remember when you had such great plans, and somehow life got in the way. Life is amazing and wonderful – but it always seems to be someone else who is really getting the most out of it.

Simply and directly – it does not have to be that way.

So how to change ? Which path to choose that leads to a better life for you and those around you? How to do this among all your other commitments? Let me show you the route that will lead to a new you.

The answer lies within you – and your desire to make the changes.

I’m scared that another 5 years go by and I’m still doing this pathetic job, I just don’t know where to start !”

UrLife UrWay

A Method for Personal Transformation

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I help people get their mojo back – this is what I do – by getting to know who you really are – how your particular talents, desires, and experiences can create the life you want.

Showing you how to work with your emotions, turning the negative ones that hold you back, into positive, motivating & action generating ones. I work with you to get your true passion, aligned with purpose to drive forward outstanding performance.

Finding or rediscovering your passion for living and working – doing what you truly want to do ? Well you can – you just have to decide to do it.

I’ve developed a proven method to transform yourself – a process that once you learn, can take you through whenever an obstacle, big change or life event occurs.

It’s easy to follow, anyone can do it, and turns current negative thoughts and behaviour into life-affirming positive activity and direction. You can do this in baby steps or big bang approach – it’s up to you – its YOUR Life, Your WAY!

All well and good – but I don’t have time for this.”

Personal GPS Navigation

Tailored to your Emotional Needs

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So what’s so different about this approach you ask – simple – it’s all about you and your pace. Most approaches fail because they take a one size fits all approach. ‘UrLife-UrWay’ is different – you tailor it to fit your needs – that’s why it is so successful.

Other transformation processes sometimes promise easy nirvana – follow a process and make loads of money, take lots of holidays, and be ecstatically happy! You know that it’s not as simple as that.

The secret to successful change is not about lists and turning your world upside down – it’s about prioritising your emotions and activities, how you change, manage and drive behaviour – and most of all getting into to the real you.

To achieve this we need to follow a path – a course laid down – to give us direction and signposts along the way – ‘UrLife-UrWay’ shows you that path.

But is there an easy route that I can follow?”

Fast-Track Your Change

Don’t take the Scenic Route

The ‘UrLife-UrWay’ step by step method guides you through a process which takes the negative emotions and turns them into positive opportunities for improvement. Recognising them when they occur, seeing them for what they are – forces that normally drag us back and down – and instead reversing their impact and moving ourselves forward and upwards.

Going at your own pace, transformation occurs in each of the 4 Stages. Designed to get you results throughout the process, you see continuous growth as the impact of your change process builds upon itself.

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Stage 1 – Discovery

(Who am I and What do I Change?)

Although you know there is something that needs to change you are likely not yet aware of what that really is (otherwise you would already be doing what you want). The discovery stage brings you a clear picture of what may be stopping you, and generates insight to obstacles and solutions. It often shows you that what you thought was the problem is in fact not the real problem.

Stage 2 – Decision

(Decide to make a change and commit to changing)

The pivotal stage that when we make our decision to change. The lasting transformation work can begin. In truth, transformation begins the moment our awareness gives us clarity. Lasting and total transformation happens when we decide to change and commit to living that change. So this is the big DECISION POINT! “To change or not to change, that is the question?”

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Stage 3 – Transformation

(Recognise and change behaviours)

This is the Transformation stage where the BIG and sometimes hard work of transformation is done. Which technique or form of transformation chosen depends on where you start from. This is the stage where you move from the place of pain, non-performance, non-action, stress, strain or other negative emotion, belief or situation in your life into power, release, new belief/beliefs, positive actions and behaviours that work for you.

Stage 4 – Integration

(Turn theory into habit)

This is the time element of the transformation phase, the habit forming time, the period where the negative thought process or behaviour will try to stay in your habits.

This is the period where you are becoming “in the flow” of your transformed life, living and practicing the positive benefits from your transformation work, and the new positive habits are becoming embedded. We work with you through this stage as this is often where you are ‘left to your own devices’. When there is struggle to get the transformation results, support at this phase is the key to lasting results.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Embrace Your Future

Change now for the Better

The choice is yours – I work with many clients – helping them move forward with the positive aspects of their lives. It’s easy to forget what you can do – and what you can achieve – if only you make a decision to do so. This is your choice – make that positive decision and change for the better.

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Work with me to understand your own personal ‘ball & chain’. Turn your confrontations, conflicts & emotional upsets into opportunities that you can exploit personally, financially and work-wise.

Years of dragging those ‘chains’ around, and you’ve become so used to them, that you think they’re the norm. You’ve become so unaware that you don’t recognise that they’re the cause of holding you back from achieving the success you know deep inside you are capable of.

Unleash that capability now – nothing is holding you back – grasp the moment and move forward now.

Will you have overnight results? – you might have – it’s all down to you and your commitment to change – improve the life you lead and get closer to the life you want.

Make the change with me, and get the life you always wanted.

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