Coaching Programme

Coaching Programme

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I like to describe my personal ‘flavour’ of coaching “Transformation Coaching”.

The key here is you are transformed in powerful, lasting ways and that the coaching experience is not only a supportive, life changing experience it is also a learning one.

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I work with you in such a way that you take away tools and techniques that allow you to Do-It-Yourself away from the coaching session enabling you to continue your personal growth and maximise results.

Immediate benefits you achieve from your first 1-3 sessions:-

  • Gain clarity on exactly what your first obstacle is to making the changes you desire in your work or personal life.
  • Uncover unconscious fears that may be paralysing you from making any changes.
  • Identify and successfully complete the first major step that STOPs the thinking or doing that’s not working.
  • Master simple practical techniques you can use to significantly increase your self-awareness, the FIRST key to making any lasting personal change for the better.

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My Transformation Coaching sessions are a unique blend of life coaching, healing, consulting and teaching.

My approach considers the whole person as a combination of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions. I believe that when we balance our own unique combination of these elements in our life we perform better, are calmer, more determined, happier, more fulfilled, successful, and we can sustain a deeper passion for life.

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With a Coaching Programme there is time and space to go deeper and make more powerful, lasting change. Making a commitment up front to 4 sessions you are ‘stacking the deck’ for better success.

My focus is on creating space for my clients where they can safely gain clarity and renewed self-awareness, heal old pain and implement life-changing actions and attitudes that get immediate results.


“I have been working with Jill on and off for a couple of years now. She has helped me uncover areas of my life that weren’t working for me and supported me while I looked for the options that were available to me.

The outlook she shares is very positive and her approach is quite firm, but in a caring way. She does not let you get away with thinking – “well that’s just the way it is, I’ll have to live with it”, she won’t allow you to ‘beat yourself up’ – but helps you see what options you have to work with.”

– Joanne Frame, Manager

Jill has enabled me to be more confident, to strive for my goals and to indeed achieve many of them.

I have always wanted to be an Inspirational Speaker and in working hand in hand with Jill through my fears building my confidence , vocabulary and instincts over many sessions I finally achieved this at a woman into business event last year. The excitement was overwhelming and I loved every single part of that event for many hours afterwards. Jill has given me an insight to what you can achieve if you just believe and with some guidance follow your heart.

This for me was a great moment and I had Jill there with me as support.

– Janice Porter, Small Business Owner

Through combining analysis, logic, emotion, awareness, philosophy and spirituality, I help clients bring motivation into their working and personal lives.

As clients move through a process of self-discovery, healing, visioning and goal development, step-by-step they bring their own unique inner desire into outer reality. Purpose, drive, passion and fulfillment become the emotions that dominate their lives.

Stress, over-whelm, bad performance, tiredness, boredom and ‘not fitting in’ no longer dominate and obstacles to happiness and wealth are removed.

Here is a short list of example goals and issues I have successfully helped clients with:-

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  • Working with self-confidence and beliefs that were preventing their ability to prepare and conduct an important presentation.
    • RESULT ACHIEVED: successfully delivered presentation to 60+ people
  • After long and successful career in management, loss of interest resulting in excessive stress but being fearful of leaving a good salary – how to move forward?
    • RESULT ACHIEVED: able to leave debilitating job and embraced the search for a new personal and professional life
  • Suffering 20 years of depression and anxiety that paralysed making any changes and recurrent lack of motivation
    • RESULT ACHIEVED: developed a consistent positive approach and belief in themselves, and was able to come off medication (supervised by GP)
  • Small business owner struggling with clarity about decisions for the future approach to their business
    • RESULT ACHIEVED: successfully understood more about themselves they were able to clearly make a decision that was not fear-based but success-based.

If you’re ready to go for it, eager to polish your diamond and let the radiance that is only yours shine in your world, fill out the contact form and we can go from there!

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