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Free Consultation

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Before embarking on making a commitment to investing in a Coach, it’s important and I feel essential, that you select the right Coach and approach that suits you and your particular desires and reasons for the life or business changes you want to achieve.

The FREE 50 minute consultation allows you to determine if I am the right Coach for you, and that my approach is the one to help you get where you want to go.

The consultation will also help gain clarity on whether this is the right time to invest in making the life changes that will help get what you want out of life.

Start Your Journey Now

Over the 50 mins we will establish how ready you are to take those first steps into investing in yourself and your future success and if you and I really fit!

Before working with someone like a Life Coach, we have questions that we need answered before taking the plunge. The FREE Consultation is here to provide the opportunity to get your answers, without any risk.

The consultation is over the telephone or skype and you can book your session directly below.


“Thank you seems such a small word for all I want to convey in this letter but Thank You. You have listened and challenged me over the years and I have always become wiser, more open and more understanding as a result.

This year you helped me process one of the biggest situations I have ever faced and without your love, care and understanding combined with your amazing insight I doubt I’d be quite as together and settled with it all as I am.

Your Insight kicked in again in helping me help those close to me and again Thank You is too small.”

– Mary Taylor-Whyte, Life Coach & Mother

Not Sure What Life Coaching Means To You?

Start Your Journey Now

Simply put the process of “Life-Coaching” is when a Coach helps their client with something that they want to change in their life, and where the “thing” is concerned with their personal or working life, or in many cases, touches both.

That thing can be any one of a long list of “things” concerned with your life.

Possible “things” a Coach could help you with:-

  • Deal with an issue or a problem you cannot resolve,
  • Create space and clarity for making an important decision,
  • Make significant life or professional changes that you have been unable to,
  • Lose weight/ get fit/ find more time for family, significant other or fun and “me time”
  • Achieve success in a specific endeavour e.g. prepare and give a presentation; changing career; dealing with a difficult work relationship; become more wealthy; find your next big purpose and do it!
  • Create a New You!

Life Coaching as a Process

So, Life-Coaching, is a personal development process via which an individual is supported and guided while achieving a specific personal or professional result or goal. The result can be as simple as gaining clarity over a decision or radically changing their personal or business/professional life, e.g. a total change in career direction, becoming your own boss or leaving a long standing relationship.

The Coach supports you in whatever change you are looking to implement.

Sessions provide a dedicated “time-out” from all your life demands, where your Coach is solely focussed on you and your needs, with no agenda other than to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

They guide you through personal changes, show you how to make the changes in your thinking and behaviour that will get your desired result, work with you to create and shape goals, support you to achieve those goals and ultimately help you be accountable to yourself.

The range of coaching “styles” is broad, from directive and consultative approaches to the more passive and counselling style. Which one is right for you will depend on which style you need at that time and which area you are looking for coaching in.

Choosing Your Life-Coach

Because of the huge variety of life issues, desired personal results and target goals, selecting the right Life-Coach for you can be tricky.

Here are a few tips on how to approach selecting your Life-Coach:-

  1. When selecting your Life-Coach, first take time out and be as clear as you can as to what result or goal you are looking to achieve or what issue you are looking to resolve.
  2. When you have some idea of the “thing” you want to deal with – look for a Coach who can show you that they have experience or knowledge of your “thing”, (or closely related to it). This applies to whether that “thing” is an issue resolution or achieving a specific result or goal.
  3. Most importantly, do you get a sense of rapport or “knowingness” that this is the right Coach to either approach or select?
  4. If you were unable to get past step 1, then maybe an exploration session or conversation with your Potential Coach will help you become clear on what your issue or desired result is.

Above all go with your own intuition, “gut” or “knowingness”, it’s usually right!

Want to find out if my style fits you need – get your free consultation now!

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