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Hi there! I’m Jill Carnduff.

I help people create the LIFE they want.

I’m here to make you wealthy, your way.

But hold on just a moment, let’s redefine wealth shall we? Wealth on the outside IS important however it’s the emotional, spiritual and mental wealth that brings deep, lasting personal power.

Outdoors and Loving it!

Getting THIS kinda wealth by using your unique talents to change your part of the world, is priceless!

I work with business folk to help them create their dream life instead of feeling like a robot in somebody else’s!

You, like everyone, can define your life your way, and be happy in it.

My goal is to generate more confidence in you and your value to the world, giving you tools that you can immediately use to create a life of your own unique and powerful design.

Bringing out your PASSION, married with your deep PURPOSE, you can PERFORM to success.

My combination?

Well, I’m part analyst, part business coach and part spiritual teacher with a dash of the cheeky & naughty, to keep things exciting!

A born-n-raised West coast Scottish lassie who loves that she has  mountains, cities and ocean on her doorstep. I’ve transformed my workaholic, soul destroying, well paid career into a life with moments of pure and unadulterated, humbling JOY (yes I DID use THAT word!). Because, in my ‘BEFORE’ picture I didn’t know what it really meant, I do now!

My commitment to you, we’ll shorten your journey and make it real, achievable and fun!

Getting YOU back to the real YOU

All our lives seem so busy these days. Rushing about, it’s a 24 hour world we live in. Do you find that there just simply is not enough time for you. And what happened to all those dreams – they are still there – but you just cannot seem to get round to them. This is what I excel at – helping people re-connect back to their true direction in life, working with a passion to achieve excellent performance.

I help people define clear goals, then galvanise and motivate into action, with amazing results. With a bulging toolkit of tips and techniques which I have developed, I can help you remove those negative beliefs and behaviours. In their place you will create clear strategies and have a positive more confident approach to help with any area of your life.



“Are you someone who has achieved previous levels of success, but who has lost ‘a buzz’ somewhere along the way & now wants to live YOUR life, YOUR way?”

Re-discover your mojo!

It’s easy to lose track of what we want to do – and without that – everything gets tedious.

Finding or restoring your passion for what you do, your life transforms!

I’ll show you how to make your PASSION PRACTICAL, and you will learn to get spice into your life, and never lose it again.



“Do you want more of ‘what makes YOU tick’, EVERY DAY + have a full family life ?”

Get on track!

There are certain things you are brilliant at – never doubt it. These ‘things’ are your guiding COMPASS to an inner PURPOSE which when given its POWER becomes your rocket fuel for ACTION!

I’ll show you how to reconnect to what YOUR ‘things’ are and marvel at how good it feels, to be doing the things you love, all day – every day.



“And are you struggling to take the steps or make the choices about HOW TO MAKE it HAPPEN?”

Excel always!

Re-align your passion and your purpose, and you will start to perform at exceptional levels.

Performing becomes a PLEASURE and failure, stress and non-action become things of the past.

Work with me, to unleash your power into everything that you do, and you will maximise performance levels you have only dreamed of.

Come work with me – and live your life, your way

I help people find their ideal future, and be whole and true to their best selves. I inspire, motivate and help you experience your life as you’ve never experienced it before.

I’d love to help you be the creator and leader of your own life!

And I can promise that things will never be the same again if you work with me.