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A Snippet of Jill’s Journey

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Welcome! I’m Jill Carnduff.

My goal is to generate more confidence in you and your value to the world, than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools that you can immediately use to create a life of your own unique and powerful design.

The short version?

I’m here to make you wealthy, your way.

But hold on just a moment, let’s redefine wealth shall we? Because on my inner scale, the balance of our life’s happiness does not tip on the side of ‘stuff’. Yes, wealth on the outside IS important however it’s the emotional, spiritual and mental wealth that brings deep, lasting personal power.

Getting THIS kinda wealth by using your unique talents to change your part of the world, is priceless!

I Was too Late to avoid getting flattened!!!

Discovering my particular talents (well really ‘accepting’ might be a better word), took some time without a map and so my commitment to you, is I’ll show you the MAP, we’ll shorten the journey, saving you energy and pain! Along the way I coined the phrase “don’t wait for the FREIGHT TRAIN to hit you!” (yup, from painful personal experience, flattened, broken, and unable to function).

You see, clearing the ‘gunk’ and the ‘mush’ from your mind and emotions makes space to create your dream life instead of feeling like a robot in somebody else’s!

Bringing out your PASSION, plonked on top of an deep PURPOSE, you can PERFORM to success, giving your personal and unique value to the world, you become truly WEALTHY.

So, be the creative director of your own life movie! (yay, imagine the result if Ridley, Peter Jackson, James Cameron and Guillermo del Toro all got together! – plus of course a sneaky wee pinch of Kubrick? Whooh gives me shivers…….)

We are all a unique combination! And that’s what I’m all about, helping you discover and understand ALL of your parts, create new ones and put them together in such a way to create YOUR special dream business, work or personal life.


My combination? Well, I’m part analyst, part business coach and part spiritual teacher with a dash of the cheeky & naughty, to keep things exciting!

A born-n-raised West coast Scottish lassie who loves that she has mountains, cities and ocean on her doorstep.

I’ve transformed my long hours, my soul destroying, well paid career as an IT and business consultant into a life with moments of pure and unadulterated, humbling JOY (yes I DID use THAT word!). Because, in my ‘BEFORE’ picture I didn’t know what it really meant, I do now!

I have survived being a workaholic & burnout, ‘dabbled’ with being my own boss (3 times) and been told I’m ‘high maintenance’ (when it comes to managing me, that is!).

I finally started paying ATTENTION to signs that my passions lay elsewhere, from an increasingly noisy inner voice !

Exploration and making scary big life choices I left my high paying job, sold my flat & tried out a possible life in America! Coming back to no fixed abode & no job I knew this was my opportunity to change direction, BIG TIME!

Beginning my journey into the vast world of personal development I gained a Foundation Diploma with the Academy of Executive Coaching in London. 7 further years of immersion, hundreds of hours of coaching, with almost obsessive desire for learning all things personal development and practical personal change, I have evolved my own coaching style and personal transformation system.

Of course, I’m no professor of perfection. I never pretend to know all the answers and continue to welcome my fair share of mistakes and f**k ups, cos’ really that’s the fodder for our future fulfillment!

Professional Bio

Jill founded her own coaching practice in 2008. Working with many professionals, consultants, aspiring and existing small business owners, she helps them get to know who they really are & how THEIR particular talents, desires, and experiences can create the life they want.

Jill achieved success across 20 years of consistent promotion as an IT & Business Consultant.

Consulting in a broad range of company sectors ranging from publishing, financial services, utilities, software development, manufacturing and central government, Jill was exposed to many differing industry pressures, work cultures and peculiar processes.

Throughout these years working as an IT consultant, experiencing how people, processes and technology need to work together to ensure successful business change, her real passion for understanding the human psyche and how it affected decision making, behaviour and performance, was ignited.

She now runs her own growing coaching practice and speaks on various personal development topics including how to connect your inner desires, you’re talents and experience and create a wealthy, fulfilling life.


“Jill has an amazing ability to hold the space for you to heal.

“When you’re all over the place she has the ability to be in a calm, clear minded place and you know you are in safe hands……usually coming out the other end with humour, having gained clarity and seeing a route through your problems.”

— Mother and Small Business Owner

“I am happy to say I am in a much stronger position in my life than I was when I started working with Jill a couple of years ago and continue to engage with her when I meet times in my life when I need help with the next stage of my journey.

If you get an opportunity to work with Jill I would thoroughly recommend her for the experience and growth you will enjoy.”

— Joanne Frame, Manager

“I have spent many lovely hours with Jill. During that time Jill has always been open, honest and deeply trustworthy. Jill has an overwhelming enthusiastic personality which really connected with me as a vibrant outgoing person.

As the hours have unfolded Jill has enabled me to be more confident, to strive for my goals and to indeed achieve many of them. My client base in my book keeping business has also improved.”

— Janice Porter, Small Business Owner

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