Clarity Session

The Clarity Session – “The Time-Out that Clears Out”

Dip your toe in the water and uncover the real power of where coaching could take you.

Starting with a mental de-clutter!

It’s not every day you can spend 90 minutes and at the end of it feel like you’ve lost 2 stone (or 28lbs as our American cousins would say) without doing any exercise!

That’s what it feels like after you’ve de-cluttered your busy mind! Light on your feet!!!

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So what do you get from your Clarity Session? Well, we will…

  • Take stock on your levels of passion, happiness, fulfillment & wealth in all areas of your life and what’s working and what’s not.
  • Explore what your BIG juicy life goal might be!
  • Start to visualise how you want to see your life in 1 yr and 5 yrs time.
  • Identify your TOP 3 areas of biggest impact from across all aspects of your life.
  • Drown out the noise of other people’s agendas so you can hear your own inner voice?
  • Gain clarity on what really is holding you back from making the changes you know you can!/li>
  • Understand what big obstacles to demolish to start manifesting your desires and dreams
  • Decide what needs to change FIRST!

Get ready!

“You don’t have to be GREAT to START, but you do have to START to be GREAT!”

– Zig Ziglar

The main purpose of this dedicated ‘time-out’ is to establish what’s currently going on in your life and to cook up some clarity on how to reach your life-changing goals that will rock your world.

Once you have the map – a plan of your big picture, you are much clearer and have the conviction to decide how to proceed and make the big life changes to reach them goals.

How you start doesn’t matter, it’s important to just do something.

Whether you want to proceed with a one-2-one coaching programme, take some more ‘time-out’ or explore other options, you will leave the Clarity Session knowing your next set of actions!.

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Hi, it’s Jill here,

I’m so excited to see the re-launch of my revamped and extended Clarity Session. If you feel you cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’ or are beginning your foray into personal development, this session is perfect for you.

How does a personal 90 minute face-to-face Coaching session with me sound?

I believe it’s so important to help others get clear on what their first step is to taking the actions that will turn their dreams into reality. It’s just you and me, uninterrupted, super focused and confident to make big things happen for you! Sound good? Then read on…

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Everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life, but only you can create it – so why not book your Clarity Session today and take the first step!

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£180 (incl VAT)


If you are still swithering on whether a Clarity Session is for you here are some issues my past clients have had that they gained clarity and created actions on that might sound familiar…….:-

  • You’re struggling to put into action, plans and dreams you’ve had for many years.
  • You feel there’s something missing from your personal, working or business life, but you can’t be sure you really know what it is.
  • You have important decisions to make and there is no one around you who is truly objective and has your sole interest at heart.
  • Your ‘To Do’ list is never ending and you just don’t know where to focus.
  • Your working life has become confrontational, personal performance is not what it used to be and your heart is just not in it – but where do you start making changes to something better.

How do I book?…

Simply fill in the booking form on the booking page. Available days for sessions are shown in the booking calendar. This is a coaching session for 90 minutes face-to-face either in Glasgow city centre or Falkirk.

What happens next?…..

Click the Book Now button and you will be taken to a booking & payment page where you will be able to select a date, time and location for your face to face session.

Following booking and payment you will receive an email within 24 hrs with your Session Preparation – a few questions to answer, bringing the answers with you to the session. Taking 15 mins on this pre-session insight exercise will ensure you get the most out of your session and the best return on your investment.

Book Your Session Now

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If you completed the booking process – a confirmation email will be sent to you – as well as to me – confirming the booking.

You don’t need to do anything else – except make sure you come to the session ready and armed to begin the next chapter of your life!!!

I help people change their life. Finding (or reconnecting) with their passion, when combined with their own unique purpose, they create a life full of wealth, happiness and fulfillment.

And I’d love to help you change yours!